Circa Waves "Young Chasers" (Davis Silis, dir.)

Circa Waves - Young Chasers

Davis Silis has once again delivered a cinematic video with an interesting and surreal look.

Davis Silis, director: "Youth is explosive. As in, your personality bursts out in every direction with a velocity that only occurs when you’re growing up, and it can take you to some surprising places. The idea behind ‘Young Chasers’ was to tap into that sensation in a patently visual way; a young girl becomes increasingly vicious not for any sociological reasons, but just because she can. As Circa Waves sonically thunder out, so does this formidable girl. While we see what shoe does and may ask ‘why?’ she asks, like every teenager before, ‘why not?’ It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. Also, volcanoes are just really, really badass."

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