DiRTY RADiO "FallBack" (Emma Higgins, dir.)

DiRTY RADiO - "Fallback"

Emma Higgins, director: "This video was never meant to be made, however I'd worked with the band before and loved this particular track off the album so when the opportunity came to piggyback this shoot onto another one we were able to make it happen on our next to nothing buget. Sex, control and babes on babes, the incredible crew helped me realise the concept exactly as I'd imagined it, in particular Oliver Millar our DOP who is quoted below. "

Oliver Millar, director "For this video we wanted each shot to resemble a medium-format photograph. To get that level of depth of field, I suggested we use anamorphic lenses mounted sideways, a trick I've always wanted to try. Shooting typical anamorphic format on Epic always frustrates me because so much of the sensor is wasted when it crops to just the center portion. In this case, since the sensor was aligned sideways and then stretched out to the final 1:1 image, every pixel was used. The Epic sensor is actually larger than S35, but just in width. For us it totally maxed out the image-oval of the Lomo anamorphic lenses we used, giving us that unique distortion vignette.  It was an extremely challenging job for our talented 1st AC Duncan Brodie, both because of the awkward sideways camera build, and the super shallow depth of field."

Produced by Twin Engine Films

Director of Photography