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Robyn, Royksopp "Do It Again" (Martin de Thurah, dir.)

Röyksopp, Robyn - Do It Again

Most of the action in "Do It Again" is probably stuff you wouldn't want to repeat unless absolutely necessary — we're talking life and death situations — but there's also moments of outright abandon and escape and a higher cause. That's not to say there aren't questions: Is it an occupation? An art heist? A rebellion? Whatever the case, this b/w video collaboration beween director Martin de Thurah, singer Robyn and electonic duo Royksopp is definitely an unusual video for this kind of song — or maybe it's what you should expect when a few talented Scandinavians get together. 

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Andrés Herran, Line Producer
Lisa Barnable, Post-production Supervisor
Sofie Borup, Colorist
Marco Julian, Gaffer
Jonathan Leys, First Assistant Camera
Rodrigo Urbano, First Assistant Director
Daniel Flores, Second Assistant Director
Fernanda Guerrero, Production Designer
Paola Alfaro, Make-up Artist

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