Super8 & Tab "No Frontiers" (David Strindberg, dir.)

Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - No Frontiers

New video from David Strindberg for Super8 & Tab featuring Julie Thompson – No Frontiers London based director David Strindberg, along with production company KevinandRoy, has directed the new video for dance phenomenon Super8 & Tab. David Strindberg, director: “I wanted to create something driven by character, but set in a strange and messed up world. A passionate war without physical weapons, in a dreamy scenery, leaving the viewer a bit confused yet intrigued. I wanted the grading to be very bright, just the opposite of the story to create an interesting collision. Raw emotions mixed with total detachment. ”  

Production Company
Elvira Warn, Hair and Make-up
Joakim Harwell, Production Assistant