Bo Burnham "Repeat Stuff" (Rami Hachache, dir.)

Repeat Stuff

Bo Burnham knows the secret of a hit pop song. Be vague, be catchy, repeat stuff, and obscure your darkest desires down lest they pop up and scare your audience. Bo could actually use some help on that last element — ie: the fingerbanging references should be masked at least a little bit, you shouldn't let your inner devil voice take over, and tearing a heart out should always be metaphorical. 

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Brian Krofchick, Assoc Producer
Drew Valenti, Gaffer
Lev Abrahamian, Key grip
Alex Kornreich, Steadicam Operator
Jade Altman, Depict33, Production Designer
Jon Aguillon, Props
Heather Allison, Stylist
Laura Peyer, Becca Weber, Make-up Artist
Rami Hachache, Visual Effects
Ricky Gausis, MPC, Colorist
Kenny Taylor, First Assistant Director