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Laura Doggett "Moonshine" (Rollo Hollins, dir.)

Laura Doggett - Moonshine (Official Video)

UK singer Laura Doggett puts in a sterling performance in Rollo's slow-burning 'tale of heartbreak' promo for her forthcoming single Moonshine. 



"In essence it's a simple story in which we study the fallout from heartbreak and our heroine being forced to embrace the future in order to move past it. It was an idea I had in the back of my head for a while, but it took this collaboration to properly realise it - everything fit together very well.

"Laura has an amazing duality; one of the warmest, nicest people you'll ever meet but also an incredibly focused and intense performer. It was such a good opportunity to be able to introduce this new presence to the audience, I wanted to show a little of both sides in the same film.

"It was also an incredibly ambitious project to undertake on the budget, but everyone involved gave it their all to get it made - So a huge thank you to the team."

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