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Viktoria Modesta "Prototype" (Saam Farahmand, dir.)

Prototype | Channel 4

You can call her the world's first amputee pop artist, or even the first "bionic" pop artist... Either doesn't come close to capturing the impact of this video for the decidedly unique artist Viktoria Modesta, whose left leg was amputated to improve her mobility due to a condition she's had since birth. And Modesta can definitely move, as director Saam Farahmand gives her the room to spin and twirl and stab with a razor sharp prosthetic, while also casting her in a sci-fi storyline where she inspires the world to see her as something beyond human and truly divine...

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Tim Gibson, Art Director
Joanna Hir, Stylist
Jay Revell, Choreographer

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