CIKATRI$ "Quand Me Réveillerai-je ?" (Aurélie Ferrière, dir.)

CIKATRI$ - "Quand Me Réveillerai-je ?" (Official Video)

A self-proclaimed “avant-garde keytar-punk” band, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, will hit American soil this March. Using a keytar as their sonic nucleus, CIKATRI$ culminates in a relentless and frenetic blockade of meticulous oscillation. The Swedish post-punks, with instrumentation including keytar, stylophone, drums, theremin, distorted bass, fast guitars, and French vocals, mix the music of France’s 1960s, Swedish garage punk, and the rawer sounds of the 1980s. Their third album, a double 7” EP named “Aie ! - le trois” is available on Bandcamp. See them live at one of their two official SXSW showcases this March in Austin, TX, or follow them on tour through the U.S. Southwest, including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.