Aquilo "Calling Me" (Davis Silis, dir.)

Aquilo - Calling Me

From the director:

The narrative impulse behind ‘Calling Me’ was immediate. A story familiar to us all. There’s a vulnerability we all face growing up. Grappling with who you are. Who you want to become. You’re driven by instinct as much as reacting to what’s going on around you. What others think of you. And that’s the battle we’ve all had to fight.

This video takes a direct perspective. What it’s like to be unsure. Of your personality, your creativity, your sexuality, all of it. And the only way through it is to embrace who you are. To not let yourself be defined by what others think of you, but what you yourself believe in. So our protagonist discovers how to disarm the hostility around him; he stays strong, he holds his head high, and finally accepts who he is, even if others can’t. Because it all starts with you.

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Marty McMullan, Rushes, Colorist
Jake Flowers, Production Assistant
Kerry Green, First Assistant Director
Michael Hobdell, First Assistant Camera
Emilio Schlappi, Steadicam Operator
Jomar O'Meilly, Second Assistant Camera
Hugh Donnelly, Gaffer
Joe Fitz-Gerald, Art Director
Alexandra Green, Choreographer
Chloe Edwards, Hair and Make-up
Coline Bach, Stylist