Kathy Zimmer "Eva" (Sean Dlugos, dir.)

"Eva"--Kathy Zimmer, from the album Static Inhabited (Official Music Video)

I wanted to prove my love

he was so hard to convince

it was so hard to get his attention

but every so often, we’d kiss

and every so often I’d get so proud

that such a powerful man called me his

that’s why I took that bite of cyanide

he was so difficult to convince


the parties were grand and fantastic

I’d only known boys before

my man, the world didn’t understand

and so I guess the whole world declared war

I kept thinking that, soon, things would change

soon, we’d be married, front page

he’d be proud to tell everyone, they’d all know my name

I guess that did happen in a way


and he gave me one last kiss


I wanted to prove my love

he was so hard to resist

millions of citizens mesmerized by his might

I lay in wait for the cyanide to kick in

Director of Photography