Jabberwocky "Ignition" (Julien Hosmalin, dir.)

Jabberwocky - Ignition (clip officiel) ft. Owlle

Julien Hosmalin (Director) :  The clip IGNITION describes a love affair, thought and built in three stages : the desire, passion and destruction. In this story, a young woman is under the influence of a man who uses his power on her. Asphyxiated by this, she tries to find a way out from this destroying relationship. But, it inevitably leads them towards a painful end. This rather dark end is more to take as a metaphor portraying their passion, which, in my opinion, can either weld a couple forever or destroy them completely. It is when passion disappears between two people that a true love story can see the day, or simply never exist. It is in any case what I tried to express throughout this clip. I needed to find two true actors for this story, with natural charisma. Being in a format clip, I needed two people with the ability to portray such strong emotions in their actions and expressions without the necessity to use words. This is why I estimate myself lucky today to have found and worked with Garance Thenault and Arben Bajraktaraj on this project. They have been able to provide such powerful and intense emotions in their work despite the conditions they had to work with. Such as: the cold, rain, nudity, and underwater sequences. I realize today that very few actors would have been able to accomplish such a challenging task with such talent.  

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