Skunk Anansie "Love Someone Else" (Isaac Tomiczek, dir.)

Skunk Anansie - Love Someone Else [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

From the director


"The best film I’ve seen all year is Victoria. I saw it at the London Film Festival and it just blew me away. It’s all real time and there’s a scene in a club where it all pops off and just escalates. I’ve been on nights out like that, and when I heard the song I had this image of a situation building up and us staying with it throughout the duration. I thought the idea of a Hen and Stag bumping into each other played into the lyrics and that was that.

"I’ve always wanted to shoot something at the Red Gallery Arts Club in Shoreditch so I pictured it when I was thinking up the idea and fortunately we got to use it! My cast were dope and each take got better and better the more they went for it. By the end it actually felt like a night out!"

Lead Cast Jack W Revell, Andy Princz, Icey, Julianna Kurokowa, Daisy Faircluff, Juliet Duckworth, Annie Crawford, Ella Ritson

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Lavinia Noel, Production Manager
Yasmin Godo, First Assistant Director
Domenico Palomba, First Assistant Camera
Joanna Hir, Stylist
John Holloway, Colorist
Becky Hicks, Choreographer
Face Addict Hair Junkie, Hair and Make-up