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ExitMan "Jesus Dance" (Lukasz Gasiorowski, dir.)

ExitMan - Jesus Dance

Photographer Lukasz Gasiorowski has turned ExitMans story of an almighty femme fatale into an elliptical portrait of love and loss. Lukasz worked with street dancer/choreographer Tony Mills to create a story that articulates the conflicts between body and mind, past and future. 

As Lukasz says: “ It’s not indecision neither is it Jesus Christ. Be fooled please, we all were! This moment when everything tells you: you must leave something behind but all your physical senses tell you - you can't or shouldn't. There is no answer really, and there is nothing you can do about it. You are on the top of the wave and you have to surf.. or fail.. Or dance. 

Lukasz and ExitMan have collaborated on numerous projects together and are currently preparing to shoot a film in Tokyo this spring.  


Director of Photography
Jon Bruce, Colorist

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