Famous Eno "Gangsters" (Jamie Delaney, dir.)

Famous Eno ft. Alexx A-Game, Serocee & Fox — Gangsters

Featuring Jamaican vocalist Alexx A-Game and MCs Serocee and Fox on the club track, “Gangsters” is Famous Eno’s latest grimy club anthem.  

For the Irish producer’s infectious dancehall banger, Black Dog Films director Jamie Delaney flips the switch on the idea of gangsters with two crooked cops terrorising South London. “I really wanted to do a video that told a story, a twist on the lyrical content of the track,” Jamie Delaney. 

It’s a darkly comic look at crooked cops, and another impressive new piece from a director who’s come to be known for visually creative, narrative-based work. 

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Sam Ireland, Camera Production Asst.