Loyle Carner "Stars & Shards" (Anna Ginsburg + Gworge, dir.)

Loyle Carner - Stars & Shards (Official Video)

Anna Ginsburg & Gworge team up to create this live action / animation mix for Loyle Carner's new song "Stars & Shards". 

Anna Ginsburg, director: "Loyle Carner 'Stars and Shards' is a mixture of hand drawn animation + live-action. Animation was the perfect medium in which to visualise such rich and humorous lyrical content. Plus Loyle Carner has beautiful freckles, magnetic energy and a lot of talent."

Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Anna Ginsburg, Animator
Gworge, Animator
Daniela Sherer, Animator
Toby Mortimer, Animator
Toby Goodyear, Camera Production Asst.