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Goldmyth "Has To Be Better" (Alex Vaughn, dir.)

Singer/songwriter Goldmyth’s background as a classically trained harpist now manifests in her talent for darkly artistic electro-pop.

“Has To Be Better”, taken from this year’s Faded Dream EP, is an irresistible introduction into the Joni Mitchell-inspired artist’s work. With its surreal, appropriately dream-like video, the track sees Goldmyth grounding her delicate harp melodies with a weighty mass of synths, whilst sparse, elastic percussion tacks down her gossamer vocals.

With countless separate elements coming together to build the track’s addictive chorus, “Has To Be Better” is a quietly brilliant synth-pop gem. It’s a strong cut from the Utah musican’s debut EP, and its delicate aura renders it both more measured and more memorable than many another overwrought harp-touting track.


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