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OK Go "Obsession" (Damian Kulash, Jr. & Yusuke Tanaka, dir.)

OK Go - Obsession - Official Video

You've surely seen stop-motion music videos that come with stats listing the number of paper cut-outs or photos that it took to create the final product. Leave it to OK Go to go way beyond what anyone else would, using 567 synchronized printers to spit out colored paper prints and create something that's the equivalent to the most complex video wall. In fact, the colorful effects are so insane, that it apparently goes beyond the bit rates limitations of YouTube's compression algorithm, so it comes with a warning to manually select something above the usual 1080p HD for the best experience.

Damien Kulash, Jr., OK Go: "This song is about how our most intense and complicated emotions are also our simplest and most universal. Obsession is so overwhelming and perplexing, but it's also so binary and basic - everything's normal and then suddenly it's not. For the video, we wanted that same idea: take the simplest thing and just revel in how powerful and not-simple it really is. And animation is that - it's just one picture on one piece of paper, then another, and then another, and somehow that progression turns into a whole universe. So we tried to create the physical version of that universe, a room where the walls can change into anything you imagine, but everything is made of just one piece of paper following the last." 

Production Company
Director of Photography
SIX, Creative Agency
Takeshi Nozoe, Jin Saito, Creative Director
MIKIKO, Choreographer

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