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Depeche Mode "Heros" (Timothy Saccenti, dir.)

Depeche Mode - Heroes (Highline Sessions Version)

From DM Official Website:

In honor of it’s 40th Anniversary, Depeche Mode have released a video of their amazing cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” They’ve never been shy about their admiration of Bowie, or the impression he had on memebers of the band, so this is a fitting tribute to one of their hero’s. The video was directed by Tim Saccenti and we think he captured the mood of the cover perfectly! The cover was recorded live at the Highline Studios in New York, so be sure to check it out.

From DM Official Facebook Page:

The scenes that Timothy Saccenti created were out of this world and beautifully captured by Ivan Abel. I was honored to be picked as musical director/arranger and tasked with coming up with different arrangements than what is on the album for 5 songs that we chose collectively.

The challenge was to create different parts for each player, choose what synthesizer to use and program a sound that fits the song. To top it off, we decided to go all old school and not use any computers so my drum machine was the heartbeat of the whole production. To get it to sync with Martins vast modular synthesizer collection was quite the challenge, especially with long cables adding resistance to the signal. But I feel it was truly worth the effort to get an organic performance out of the songs. The highlight was definitely David Bowie’s “Heroes” which really went under our skin. It was the very last thing we did on the “spirit” sessions and when that last chord was hit right after Dave sang “just for one day”, we all were touched and had to swallow a few times. Thankfully Tim Saccenti had mercy and waited a few moments until switching on the lights, haha.

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