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Kathy Zimmer "White Noise" (Ben Wolf, dir.)

"White Noise", from the EP White Noise (Official Music Video)


White noise is erasing my brain

the frequency of a sedative,

it lulls away any pain


And dulls the rhythm of the city

it soothes away human sound

everything is tan, bland and pretty


There’s a strip mall being built around my heart

I’m toning down my edges,

making palatable my art


I’ve tamed my frizzy hair

it’s unbecoming in your eyes

I’m trying hard to reach you, so I put on this disguise


Is it working?

Can you hear me?


So many ways to communicate

and no one speaks their mind

auto-correct regulates all thought, space and time


Mayday, SOS,

I get a text instead of a hug.

My body longs for touch but I sense that you’re reluctant


So many broken hearts

so many missed connections

I want to tell you I love you

Do you have reception?


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