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Moss Kena "Square One" (Holly Blakey, dir.)


Avant Garde Director and Choreographer Holly Blakey directs a promo for rising artist Moss Kena’s track “Square One.” The video is visceral, a choreographic interplay of misplacement of power. In Blakey’s words "ambiguity, and the idea that we never find where power truly lies, is at the heart of this new video. Power moves on and on—nobody knows where it stops or where it began.” The track Square One marks the beginning of mysterious artist Kena’s more public career having come up through the Soundcloud underground. The song that is visualised by this strong performance as Kena explains: ‘is really about trying to learn from your mistakes. This track marks the start of my next chapter."

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Andrew Potter, First Assistant Director
Karl Hui, First Assistant Camera
Chloe Hardwood, Second Assistant Camera
James Burgess, Steadicam Operator
Agathe Chapman de Lussy, Production Assistant
Marcel Myrtil, Production Assistant
Jayson Hunte, Digital Imaging Tech.
Sonny Horwell, Gaffer
Jonathan Prentice, Electrical
Bon Walsh, Art Director
Ana Fry, Make-up Artist
Andrew Denton, Make-up Artist
Cayla Kim, Hairdresser
Connie Rose, Stylist

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