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Ms. Obsession "Nie Ma Mnie" (Krystian Bielatowicz, dir.)

Ms. Obsession - Nie ma mnie (prod. En2ak)

"Nie Ma Mnie" is a symbolic music video of a polish singer and songwriter - Ms. Obsession. This song comes from her latest electronic album "Manekin". Both her music and her videos are full of plot twists. Inspired by surrealists Ms. Obsession created her own oneiric world which balances between reality and dreaming. In her work she tries to look closely at the phenomenon of illusion which often gets into everyday life by influencing judgments, interpersonal relationships and self-perception. The concept of "Nie ma mnie" is based on Malgorzata Sajur's photography which uses mirrors to portrait emotional states. This video gives the viewer the possibility of various interpretations; not only in a personal aspect but also in a wider cultural context.


The album's publisher is the Music Agency of the Polish Radio. The music video had its premiere on 28th of May 2018 on Youtube.

Executive Producer
Aneta Kacprzak, Make-up Artist

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