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Great Good Fine OK "Change" (Colin Michael Quinn, dir.)

Great Good Fine Ok - Change (Official Video) [Ultra Music] Part 1

A very human Space Odyssey...

Production Company: RiTE Media Group 

Director: Colin Michael Quinn

GGFO Creative Dir: Sam Mason

Executive Producer: Paris Schulman

Producer: Indiana Robbins

Assistant Director: Sam P Green

DP: Justin Dombrowski

Starring: Jon Sandler, Luke Moellman, Amelia Green, Ethan Phillips, Monica Mendoza, Chase Wainscott

1st AC: Neil Dearman

2nd AC: Cara Tripodis

Steadicam: Richard Volsky

Gaffer: Tim Ryan

Key Grip: Julian Karlin

Swing: Daniel Oramas

Art Director: Andrew O'Connor

Set Dec: Taylor Wynn

Set Dress: Andrea Kennedy

MUA: Courtney Almond

MUA Asst: Kenya Cams

Costume Designer: Ginger Holley

Costume Asst: Kristin Nakama

Costume Asst: Miguel Moreta

Medic: Ben Sharman

Mission Control Tech: Terry Fitzpatrick

PA: Randall Cunningham

PA: Bronson Castro

PA: Andrew Bible

PA: Reed Glickson

PA: Victor Rivera

Post Supervisor: Kevin Chrostopher

Editor: Colin Michael Quinn 

BTS Photography: Nate Dorn

BTS Photography: Elliot Liss

Filmed in Atlanta Georgia

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer

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