YUAR "Exhale" (Katya Telegina, dir.)

YUAR - Exhale (Official Video)

Following the release of ‘Exhale’ single, Israel-based band YUAR releases an eponymous music video. It is the band’s second official music video and the first made in collaboration with director Katya Telegina. 

The video explores disillusions brought by the first love. For many people their first deep feeling turns to be a cocktail of controversial emotions, a mix of excitement, confusion, fear and uncertainty for which no one is prepared. The main character of the video is caught at the moment when he is at the highest point of his exhaustion and incapable of seeing any future opportunity. The director follows his inner quest for answers and observes how he copes with inner challenges until he can finally EXHALE.

Dancers: Albina Vakhitova, Omer Keinan, Volodymyr Rakov


Director of Photography
Alexander Tronov, Choreographer
Karina Nekludova, Casting Director
Alona Shraer , Location Manager
Polina Ulyanetz, Producer
Maria Shumilina, Stylist
Misha Shepilov, Vova Yakovlev, Visual Effects