Niki & Gabi "Sleep it Off" (Aaron Grasso, dir.)

Niki & Gabi - Sleep It Off

In anticipation of their upcoming debut EP “Individual,” YouTube sensations Niki & Gabi channel their Opposite Twin identities in a new music video “Sleep It Off” produced by Lord Danger and Directed by Aaron Grasso.  Pop perfection awash in a sultry and colorful moodscape, “Sleep it Off” is advice worth listening to, again and again.

View it here:

With an online following of over 6 Million, Niki & Gabi have made their mark in fashion, beauty, and comedy – and have evolved their musical talent from covers to original songs. For Lord Danger, a content company known for creating pieces with audience traction, teaming with Niki & Gabi was akin to holding a flame to fireworks. Aaron Grasso, who breathes life into vision as a DP, has united that innate talent with a penchant for directing via the Lord Danger banner, most recently co-directing on the powerful Speak “Get Lit” PSA. On the music video front, he was Director/DP on “Back To Earth” for Steve Aoki feat. Fallout Boy.

Artist: Niki & Gabi

Production Company: Lord Danger

Director/Director of Photography: Aaron Grasso 

Executive Producer: Josh Shadid 

Production Manager: Dante Gabiati 

Production Coordinator: Marissa Alanis 

Steadicam: Thor Wixom

Production Designer: Tony Pizza 

Makeup: Emily Moses 

Hair: J Michael and Jen Loura 

Choreography: Vanessa Nichole 

Production Company
Director of Photography