Niki DeMar "Let It Roar" (Aaron Grasso, dir.)

Let it Roar- Niki DeMar (Official Music Video)

Niki DeMar Shows How To “Let It Roar” In New Music Video Via Lord Danger

Niki DeMar, part of the duo Niki & Gabi, has released the music video for her debut solo track, “Let It Roar.” Produced by Lord Danger and directed by Aaron Grasso, “Let It Roar” is an anthem that fiercely rebukes being caged, metaphorically or otherwise. The video has gained lightning attention with over 1.2 Million views and counting. 

Embracing individuality is a hallmark of both sisters, who unite their unique personas and styles under the Niki & Gabi banner. With an online following of over 6 Million, Niki & Gabi have made their mark in fashion, beauty, and comedy – and have evolved their musical talent from covers to original songs. For Lord Danger, a content company known for creating pieces with audience traction, the collaboration with Niki & Gabi was first realized with the recent video release “Sleep it Off” (over 1.5 Million views to date) which was filmed in tandem with “Let It Roar.”

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