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Pink $ock "Futon Baby" (Martin Karlsson, dir.)

Pink $ock | "Futon Baby" [Official Music Video]

Credit List:

Production Director – Martin Karlsson Producer – Alex Bader DoP – Thomas Taugher Associate Producer – Daniel Beldy 1st AD – Rhiannon Price Script Supervisor – Melody Karlsson Production Assistants – Sean Tomek / Daniel Larios / Cesar Saldana HMU/Props/Wardrobe – Sumer Zuberi Drone Photography – Andre Slaughter Baby Wrangler – Chris Lewis Set Photographer – Diane Valera

Editorial/Color Editor – Natalie Wozniak Colorist – Adam Scott Color Producers – Liza Kerlin / Diane Valera Color Assists – Gemma Parr / Zack Wilpon / Logan Highlen / Asa Fox

Sound Sound Designer / Mixer – Robin Warren

VFX VFX Supervisor & Compositing Lead – Martin Karlsson VFX Producer - Alex Bader Lighting / Rendering – Tom Graham FX Artist – Charles Storniolo Modelling / Texturing / Tracking  – Chase Webb Animation Supervisor – Jacob Bergman Animator – Juan Zavela Tracking – Danny Garcia Rigging – Fabian Elmers Compositor – Dylan Streiff Compositor – Stephen Paragone Compositor – Lisa Kim Compositor – Patrick Dirks Compositor – Tom van Dop Compositor – Dag Ivarsoy Compositor – Sam Evenson

Motion Graphics Design Supervisor – Tim Devlin Designer / Animator – Patrick Kipper

Cast Mom – Gardenia Woodhams-Roberts Baby – Joaquin Woodhams-Roberts Banana Man – Andy Dill Pregnant Wife – Chloe Skinner Pregnant Husband – Adam Reeb Runner – Alex Bader Beach Bystander – Antonio Hardy Beach Man – Julian Rifkin Beach Woman – Anna Zhang Private – Jake Fritz General – Thatcher Peterson Dog – Leela Karlsson Dog Walker – Rhiannon Lewis




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