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Pins Obi & the Dream Warriors "ΔΙΝΗ VORTEX" (Vasilis Katsoupis aka dipyadeep, dir.)


Just like a vortex / you keep pulling me closer.  A peephole into next-door head trips, a casual visual visit to her collective portrait. Driven by the mesmerizing Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors melody that revisits 60s nostalgia in a tone set by today's self-sarcasm, Vasilis Katsoupis created an ode to the neu female; in a round frame, just like a vortex pulling you closer, according to the Greek lyrics. What's said to be the archetypical cinematography format - the round framing - serves as the baseline on which mixed video media (shot on Ursa mini Pro, High8 video and Digital Harinezumi) interwine to form a bizzare colorful tune of gazes, faces, tenacity and affection. Symbols, identities and roles swirl together away into an off-key reality; colors and textures dress the portrait inside out, under the whimsical art direction of Toronto-based Anastasia Patellis; the gloomy insides meet the bright Athenian skies, as captured by the DoP, Giorgos Kokkalis.  And in the middle of it all, she stands right there, pulling you in the vortex.

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