Beautiful Machines "We Have 2 Escape" (Timothy Plain, dir.)

We Have 2 Escape

We Have 2 Escape is Beautiful Machines' 3rd single off the upcoming album. It follows a sci-fi storyline featuring the band members of Beautiful Machines as the team who builds a mysterious machine to escape from an unknown force, or time. The plot mirrors events happening in their own lives.   Beautiful Machines is a cinematic electronic band originally based in San Francisco, band members from Finland, Florida, and Taiwan. Final mix by Yoad Nevo (Waves engineer and producer of Sia, Dave Gahan, Goldfrapp).

WH2E music video was shot on anamorphic lenses in an abandoned train station in Oakland, CA.  The same location has been featured in movies Hemingway & Gellhorn, Rent, the video game Watch Dogs 2, and the Mumford & Sons music video Babel.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Corey Evans, Art Director
Matthew Stouppe, Lighting Technician
Drew Dorsey, Steadicam Operator
Guston Albright, Artist
Zeke Faust, Visual Effects
Chris Martin, Colorist
Sierra Haworth, First Assistant Camera
Ethan Redfield, Second Assistant Camera
Clark Todd, Lighting Technician
Vanessa Woo, Lighting Technician
Aleksandra Seiger, Lighting Technician
Joe Heath, Key grip
Anders Ericsson, Key grip
Chris Moscoso, Best Boy (Grip)
Cain Czopek, Grip
Joe Seiler, Grip
Justin Jorgensen, Production Coordinator
Cullen Newsome, Production Assistant
Beautiful Machines, Composer
Bursell Productions, Production Company