Tim Aminov "Veneno" (Andzej Gavriss, dir.)


Veneno from writer/director Andzej Gavriss, whose potent visual style and subtle character-driven storytelling are establishing him as an up and coming cinematic force to be reckoned with. Gavriss has steadily crafted an extensive and rich body of work and continues to do so with his latest music video. Veneno is produced by Carla Mooney and Delwyn Mooney of Cardel. 

Veneno was lensed by DOP Konstantin Mazov, with Production Design by Julija Friscone Gavriss and VFX by Zhee-Shee creative studio in Moscow, which specializes in commercial productions and vfx for live action.

Veneno is the arresting story of a man who is haunted by the death of a boy in the Pacific Ocean, and his struggle to find the missing body and come to terms with his loss. The story draws closely from the director Andzej's own near-death experience swimming. Gavriss wields his camera with a level of experience and authenticity that excels beyond expectation. The entire film hinges around the powerful central performance of Manuel Melindo as the man, 'Wilmar', as his efforts to find his son weigh down on his soul, and lead him to the verge of insanity.

A music video for Russian musician Tim Aminov.

The film was shot on location in the Philippines, around Siargao Island, and along the lush Pacific coast.

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