@keithscho You wouldn’t be able to tell from this tweet, but I have laryngitis. 17 hours 14 min ago
@JosephKahn This is a great metaphor by a brilliant writer. Shook. 1 day 15 hours ago
@BrunoMars I said lit lit yesterday and guess what? It was lit lit. https://t.co/q9OYeyXotK 1 day 12 hours ago
@Videostatic FKA Twigs "Cellophane" (Andrew Thomas Huang, dir.) https://t.co/ACTkPOPSLb 20 hours 24 min ago
@BrunoMars I stay combing through these twitter streets. 🧐 Gotta know what the kids sayin u know? https://t.co/gEZsSOyq41 1 day 12 hours ago
@questlove i judge people on how they were IN THIER present element. i kinda put Pac & LL in the sa… https://t.co/wLiLFew7rv 1 day 15 hours ago
@Videostatic Mark Ronson f/ Lykke Li "Late Night Feelings" (JP CHARTRAND, dir.) https://t.co/o3fAV9edxt 1 day 12 hours ago
@taylorswift13 Chicks stans never unstan. 7 hours 25 min ago
@MuraiHiro RT : "Powerbeats Pro | Unleashed" — Shot on 35mm Director: Hiro Murai DP: Larkin Seiple https://t.co/EAcYgLHv8t 1 day 11 hours ago
@JosephKahn It really works. 1 day 15 hours ago
@flo_tweet We’re still pleasantly shocked that she agreed to sing ‘Jenny of Oldstones,’ and we’re in love with the result.”- B… https://t.co/kbaTspw7lj 1 day 15 hours ago
@taylorswift13 RT : I just wanna say real quick thank you!! this song is exactly what I needed and honestly makes me fee… https://t.co/iOcx0h37un 7 hours 29 min ago
@JosephKahn Animals are so cute until they eat other animals (because they're animals). 1 day 18 hours ago

Tom Rosenthal "To You Alone" (Farhad Ghaderi & Sara Silkin, dir.)

To You Alone | Tom Rosenthal

To You Alone is a subtle and intimate exploration of solitude.

Inspired by Tom Rosenthal’s latest album, Z-Sides, better known as the “Sleepy Album”, this video was conceived and made amongst strangers in one warm Los Angeles afternoon. 

The piece is an international collaboration across different artistic platforms. British songwriter and musician Tom Rosenthal, Mexican-Iranian director and cinematographer Farhad Ghaderi, French-Tunisian director and choreographer Sara Silkin and American choreographer and performer Derek Tabada. 

"None of us knew each other or had worked together before but we instantly connected through Tom’s beautiful music and admiration for each other’s work. Not knowing where it would take us, we decided to guide our contributions by the idea of being so vulnerable and exposed, yet feeling terribly lonely." - Farhad Ghaderi, director

Director of Photography

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