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La Chica "Ratas" (Julien Lascar, dir.)


Ratas is an hommage to the people of south America and a criticism of imperialism that has damaged and still damaging latin america. The song is sung from the oppressor point of view in a cynical way. Ratas means rat in English, it is used to described thieves and corrupt people. The budget for the video was very tight, so Julien Lascar (the director and DP) decide to put the money in the16mm film and to go with a minimal set up for lighting and crew, only him and a camera assistant (Daniel Balderas).  This way he could manage a very strong look that it would demand much more money in digital considering all the lights and crews to shape a good image. In film it’s good out of the box, and the natural light render very very well.  Also we wanted to have a raw look with very saturated color and I know we can push film hard on this and still retaining good looking skin tone.  We shot in Mexico City and Cholula (mexico), we collaborate with amazing Mexican Artist  «  Mascaras de Alambre » who created the mask for us .  It was a very collaborative project and a lot of friends went to help us, a big thanks to all as it would not have been possible without you!  


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