Matracia "Slow" (Tyler Jensen, dir.)

Matracia - Slow - Official Video

Slow was written as a tender look at sex between two men in the early stages of falling in love; becoming aware of those moments where you’re really starting to feel “stuff” haha.  Sonically, I was inspired by artists like Chris Isaak and Beach House for this song and wanted to create a musical landscape that felt sultry yet vulnerable. I liked the arrangement being mostly electric guitar loops and drum machines to create that dreamy and trance-like vibe. 

I met the director of the video, Tyler Jensen, through going to different queer parties in the Brooklyn. I knew and respected his work, and honestly just enjoyed his social media presence/sense of humor and seemed like someone I’d get along with and want to collaborate with. I sent him a track over instagram one day and he dug it and it all sort of snowballed from there. The idea for the video and shooting in Provincetown was his; I had never been before which was a fun excuse to make the trip out there. I was witnessing all of it for the first time as we were shooting which is something hopefully the viewer can relate to as they’re watching as well.  As far as the Matracia project goes, I’ll be releasing an album of six songs titled "Summer Cruel" at some point in the near future. I recorded all of these songs in a makeshift home studio in my bedroom in Bushwick with my best friend and producer Dan Foley. I had just quit drinking about two months before we started recording (currently 8 months sober), so the project in itself was kickstarted by my need to keep my mind focused on something productive and fulfilling. I’d been sitting on most of these songs since moving to Brooklyn from Chicago a little over two years ago, but didn’t have the means or energy to record them until I got sober. 

- Matracia

When I first heard Dylan’s song it instantly reminded me of a fleeting vacation romance, beach-y and tender with perfect mix of bitter and sweetness.  I wanted to capture the rush of meeting someone new and the hope of a lasting connection that ultimately isn’t possible.  I fell in love with Provincetown many years ago and have been returning every summer and fall since. I wanted to capture all those moments and places that keep drawing me back, like a siren song, as well as the ghosts of loves that could not last. 

-Tyler Jensen