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Popcaan "Strong and Firm" (Nabil Elderkin, dir.)

Popcaan - Firm and Strong (Official Video)

Popcaan comes across like island royalty in this stately and epic video directed in Kingston, Jamaica by Nabil Elderkin and shot in beautiful b/w by Galo Olivares, who also worked on Roma

Production Company
Director of Photography
Carleene Samuels, Line Producer
Winston Mayhew, First Assistant Director
Oshera Burley, Production Coordinator
Garreth Daley, Steadicam Operator
Joshua Dadson, First Assistant Camera
Twaine Richardson, Digital Imaging Tech.
Kevin Waite, Sound/Music
Neville Smith, Gaffer
Kadri Samuels, Key grip
Jade Brown, Grip
Michelle Clarke, Make-up Artist
Savannah Baker, Stylist
Kaysian Bourke, Stylist
Lisa Smith, Set Dresser
Vito Hope, Set Designer
Yapp Brothers, Camera Operator

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