Snotty Nose Rez Kids "I Can't Remember My Name" (Ben Knechtel, dir.)

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - I Can't Remember My Name (ft. Shanks Sioux) [Official Video]

Snooty Nose Rez Kids bring an aggressive and assertive energy that imitates the way society portrays indigenous people and POC across turtle island. Their ancestors were stereotyped as savages and they are often looked at the pissed off generation who haven’t gotten over what colonization has done to their lands and people.

Quote from the Director Ben Knechtel: "Working with SNRK was such a dope experience. Honoured that they trusted me with the visual for "I Can't Remember My Name". I've never seen a group that can have such hype energy while simultaneously sharing important stories for the culture. The concept really centers around the broken double sided mirror that we made. The concept of Quinton and Darren fragmented by the shattered glass as we see glimpses of Indigenous dancers in beautiful, vibrant regalia gave me chills on set. I knew we were making something special. A powerful reminder to never forget your roots and embrace where you came from."

Their new album, TRAPLINE, will be released on May 10th.