Strangers on a Plane "All My Life" (Lisa Mann, dir.)

Strangers on a Plane - All My Life (Official Video) 2019

This voyeuristic stylized short film observes a distilled life portrait; the emotional detachment of a traditional family, leached of any raw feeling and communication, as they are preserved, sanitized, encased….and literally choking on plastic, the ubiquitous “miracle” material whose revolution of “convenience” emancipated women from domestic servility now ironically drowning all of modern humanity today.

Director of Photography
Editing Company
Jessica Gruneberg, Asst. Art Director
Merrie Wasson, Costume Supervisor
Alexandre Deslauriers, Make-up Artist
Evren Ozdemir, Sound/Music
Kathleen Blenich, Production Manager
Courteney Brookes, Production Coordinator
Margarita Reynes, Post-production Supervisor
Ray McCleary, Gaffer
Elijah Merchand, 2nd Unit DP
Arvin Cordova, First Assistant Camera
Hallea Jones, Production Assistant