Naughty Boy "Undo" (Francis Wallis, dir.)

Naughty Boy - Undo ft. Calum Scott

Francis Wallis teams up with Naughty boy and Calum Scott to create an electric new video for “Undo”. The video highlights society’s addiction to screen culture, showing the importance of living in the moment and connecting with one another. The isolation screens often create acting as the platform for a young group to make an active change.

From the director: It was clear that Naughty Boy and Calum wanted to add a sense of depth behind what played out on screen in their video. The idea of commenting on screen addiction, something now so deeply ingrained within our culture felt like the right idea to pursue.  Surely this is something that most people can relate to, but at the same time I also understand its not something with an easy fix. If anything I think the first step is just accepting that this might be an issue, and from there we can look at how to change.

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Izzy Hameed, First Assistant Director
Kyle Frank, First Assistant Camera
Shaw Fisher, Second Assistant Camera
Simona Cristea, Colorist
Coffee & TV, Post-production