Don Broco "Action" (Benjamin Roberds, dir.)

DON BROCO - ACTION (Official Music Video)

Public access TV makes a comeback in Benjamin Roberd's video for Don Broco.

This live action/stop-motion hybrid features Don Broco’s lead singer Rob Damiani, and the co-vocalists on the track, depicted as Action Man-type heroes. A fantastically surreal narrative unfolds, with the characters becoming the centre of a frenzied reign of toy-based-terror featuring blood, explosions, and the ever-entertaining reappearance of the cowboy.

What starts off as a cheesy homage to 80s and 90s TV ads soon turns into a nightmare world where the toys fight back, and the aesthetic and cinematography are spot-on from beginning to end. 

A wonderfully wild ride with a tons of action to boot. 

Director of Photography
Katie Gregg, First Assistant Director
Alexis Sturgess, Production Manager
Chase Yarbrough, Gaffer
Brandon Adams, Camera Production Asst.