Lorn "Timesink" (Pavel Brenner, dir.)

Lorn - Timesink (Official Music Video)


Timesink is set in a world where humanity has been wiped out by a widespread disease. In sharp contrast with this catastrophic situation, our protagonist acts like a regular kid. The boy treats this post-pandemic world like a giant playground. At first, the story unfolds from his perspective, showing us that the exceptional quality of his surroundings is commonplace to him.

We portray the boy alone, implying that he may be the last human survivor. As the video draws to a close, blood that drips from the boy’s eye suggests that his journey may soon be over. Because we have followed the boy throughout, his potential disappearance may strike us as a loss; a sinking feeling that the natural world will carry on without him, and hence without us.


The production started in October of 2019 after the budget was secured, with Malcolm Duncan producing. Oregon suited best for filming because it was still green and vibrant.

Christopher Ripley did the cinematography while Drone Dudes helmed aerial operations. Production design was done by Pierre Pell. The shoot took two days, after which the team returned to Los Angeles.

Post Panic took care of post-production. After the VFX was finished, Bastien Benkhelil started work on sound design.

The video was released on March 18th, 2020. While shooting the video, no one on the production team ever expected a real pandemic to break out at the time of the music video's release. The team hopes that everyone stays safe and spends this time with their loved ones.

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