Dequine "Na Zapade" (Aibat Rakhmanov, dir.)

Dequine - На Западе | Премьера клипа

"Water accepts you by anyone, regardless of your sins and shortcomings. If you are calm and trust her, then she will give you freedom. But if you resist, she will drown you." said singer Dequine

"This project is the personification of good melancholy. At the time of creating the idea, I often thought that time is fleeting and that it is not only the engine of progress, but also something terrifying. Time influencing to people, it can make us kind, wise, and sometimes evil and naive. Time loves to paint the happy and worst moments, and alas, it loves to paint the wrinkles on our mothers' faces. Accepting time is not an easy task, but by doing this, you liberate yourself, keeping that very warm, kind melancholy inside you." said director Aibat Rakhmanov

Executive Producer
worxpace, Production Company

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