French79 "The Remedy" (Daniel Stankler, dir.)

French 79 - The Remedy [Official Video]

Animated and Directed by Daniel Stankler Album Joshua Out : Live @L'Olympia, Paris, Jan 29th 2021 Production Company Cardel Producers Carla Mooney, Delwyn Mooney Animation Assistant Natasza Cetner  

"The Artist wanted something upbeat, nostalgic, and capable of featuring the recurring motifs that French79 music videos often include. The French79 album, Joshua, is inspired by the artist’s childhood growing up in Marseille, and the client requested that Marseille feature heavily in the film as the backdrop to the animation. A sense that the setting is also, in some way, a character in the film was an idea I began to play with during production.

I wanted a Spielberg-esque sense of youthful, anything-can-happen optimism, so devised the storyline to achieve these goals - a kid explores an abandoned fairground at night, where the fairground rides comes to life. The song is quite long, so I made challenging use of repeated elements. The film was also a chance to develop my character work, which I'm always keen to further explore in my work."

Production Company
Executive Producer