Jack Parris and the Marine Island Band "The Library" (Ian McNaught Davis, dir.)

The music video for the library is a surreal experience made entirely from animated charcoal illustrations.

We decided to use stop-motion in this video as the technique is driven by a constant flow of images that are always morphing into different forms.

This approach made for a good match with Jack Parris's visually-driven lyrics about a man on a page-ripping rampage through a library, as it allowed us to drift in and out of different depictions of literary genres as the song unfolds.

I'm drawn to analogue image-making technology. Stop-motion dates back to the 1800s, and while it is a simple form of animation, it allows for a great amount of creative control for all of the 15 frames of each second. This allowed us to let the visuals drift between the sensible and the absurd in these dreamlike scenarios that Jack has written about.