Claire George "Northern Lights" (Brian Charles Lehrer, dir.)

Claire George - Northern Lights

Artist's statement : 

I wrote “Northern Lights” about someone I loved and lost to opioid addiction. I wanted to eternalize the memories we shared before they became distant or distorted, as they do when you retell or revisit them. After they passed, they appeared regularly in my dreams. Waking up I would relive the loss and beg for an alternate reality.

The video idea came from one dream I had in which I was called up the floors of a house to an attic filled with light. The attic is where we store our memories, old photographs and cards we made for our mothers. To me this felt like a reminder to appreciate the memories, even as my grief is indelibly tied to them. In the video I wanted to give myself the chance to do what I cannot do in life: free myself of the grief. Wring it out and be left only with the light.

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