The Moon Is No Door "Revelation" (PFA Studios, dir.)

The Moon Is No Door | Revelation | L'ST records (Official)

MUSIC_ "Revelation" is the first single by new art rock band The Moon Is No Door, whose debut album Tiny Moment is out August 26, 2022 on L’ST records. Based on the poems of New Zealand-British author Katherine Mansfield, like much of the album, “Revelation” is a tightrope of tension, with enchanting piano harmonies juxtaposed against raw saxophone, guitar and vocal sounds. Lyrically, the track focuses on the absurdity of human life, which is expressed in natural wonders and catastrophes on the one hand and in human atrocities on the other.

VIDEO_ The video for "Revelation," produced by PFA Studios (Modeselektor, Amazon Music, etc.), is a hallucination in black and red, featuring performances by the band overlaid with visual effects reminiscent of both animation and the creative use of film scratching in experimental cinema.

PFA STUDIOS_ Rising from a 20 year legacy of the visual art collective Pfadfinderei™ (founded in 1998), PFA Studios continues its artistic heritage and signature visual language in its native Berlin. From motion design to interactive experiences, from corporate design to the direction and production of music videos, PFA Studios applies its heart, mind and soul in crafting timeless design ideas. 


  • Video by PFA Studios
  • Film Shooting by Jakob Klaffs
  • Video Performers: Stepha Schweiger - Franz Bargmann - Robert Pepe Pöschl - Mäx Huber - Adam Goodwin
  • For complete music credits, please see the music video link.



Director of Photography