Dust Biters "Progeny" (Matthew Cooley, dir.)

Dust Biters - Progeny [Official Music Video]

Dust Biters is an emerging, emotive post-hardcore band from Chicago, IL with a torpedo of groovy riffs and aggressive swing - a sound indicative of their mosaic of influences like Refused, Glassjaw, and Against Me! - that is as clever as it is reckless. "Progeny" is the lead single off of their debut full-length album 'Guilt' and was released as a radio cut along with the music video on Friday, January 13, 2023.

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Alex Lackner (Lazarus A.D., Repentance), 'Guilt' is built on soaring guitars, furious drums, and gripping melodic hooks that flirt with both the somber and the rapture. Throughout the 12-track album Dust Biters creates harmony between thoughtful post-hardcore and melodically measured alternative metal.

In conjunction with the record release, Dust Biters released two collaborations: a burger with the lauded metal authority Kuma’s Corner that unites ingredients from each member’s native region, and the “Guilt Gose” with Metal Monkey Brewing.

Dust Biters live shows are cinematic and raw, inducing audiences to as much primal neck-breaking as psychedelic boogying. Their reputation for memorable and meaningful performances have seen them share the stage with Glassjaw, Bongzilla, Nekrogoblikon, Electric Six, and Empty Streets. Dust Biters is Nick Kinsley (vocals, guitar), Nick Miller (guitar, backing vocals), Thomas “Tommy” R. van Arsdale (drums, piano, backing vocals), and Bryan Fonseca (bass, backing vocals).


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