AVATARI "High Like This" (David Michael Maurer, dir.)

High Like This (Official Music Video by Avatari)

The video follows the dark decent of Avatari trying to find a way out of an addictive obsession. All roles played by Avatari.

Filmmaker statement: This independent music video was produced with extremely limited resources so we had to get creative. We scouted standing sets where we could get lots of different looks and reduce company moves. This particular location was had an LED wall and plenty of room for us to work. Then we started to form ideas about the characters and how they could interact. We decided it would be fun to try and have AVATARI play all of the parts and also get extremely stylistic with speed changes. Almost 80 setups were scheduled for a two day shoot and carefully planned for specific audio/video speeds that would translate to the edit exactly in sync. Sometimes audio playback was at a 1/4 speed, 1/2 speed, 2x speed or realtime. Sometimes the camera was filming in normal speed or 48 fps with an extreme sound adjustment. In edit, we resolved each of the math problems for picture to achieve sync and then edited accordingly. The mixing and matching of speed changes became quite fun.

Director of Photography
Editing Company
Andrea Steele, Hair and Make-up
Elisa Randazzo, Costume Supervisor
Brady Robny, Gaffer