Boose Caboose "Staring Too Long" (Chad Carr, dir.)


About the Song

Laced with strange haunting sounds, Boose Caboose’s new single, “Staring Too Long” slaps slow and wide. This song defies all attempts to stuff it neatly into a category. It begins with bassy electronic drums surrounded by a distorted hum, like a wind that makes your hair messy.

Then EVERYTHING comes in: An out-of-control dance-y bass, a slide-y shredding lead, and live drums with driving fills. Someone who’s stared too long at everything that’s not right sings, “Everybody looks, but I’ve been looking forward to it for two decades…” Boose Caboose answers with a nod to the physics experiment known as the Double Slit Test, “Whoa, it’ll land. Don’t stare.” 

Here we realize that too much focus can alter any good outcome.  A lingering falsetto coo settles the song into its final act where we can bob our head to the beat, and find comfort in the fattest bass that lies under a wailing mirror of the first guitar solo.


About the Artist

It was the first album he ever heard, Chad Edward Alexander Carr found a scratched CD of the 1996  Sabrina the Teenage Witch  soundtrack  at the age of 9. He ate it up because his folks never listened to music of any kind. He learned guitar because his best friends wanted to start a band, and because bands are cool AAAND because he had big buck teeth and glasses. He moved away from his best friends and had to start from scratch, recording harsh synths with blown out dance beats in the basement. He studied particle physics for a few years but dropped out because that’s what you do when you can only do one thing. He’s lived many lives and has gone by many names but now, he is Boose Caboose. New single and music video, Staring Too Long, OUT April 19th 2023

Boose Caboose has a meaning. It's the idea that you're never late: time is not timed. The end of the word Ca-boose is - boose. So now, the end is at the beginning. Boose Caboose. You are not left behind. You aren't late for anything. Time is not timed. Boose Caboose

What I sing about: saying goodbye to capitalism and harsh critiques on the one percent, the hairpin argument for living, and historical masochism within old and present religious cults, of which I’ve had some experience with. 


Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Jake Miller, Art Director
Jordan Blake, Director of Photography