Eva Shaw "Woke B Solo Midnight Strangers" (Markus Madlangbayan, dir.)


“HYPE HOP 003” is a music video film comprised of 3 songs from Eva Shaw’s EP “Hype Hop 003”. Together they tell a story of Eva Shaw as an independent music artist. Act 1 - Women and artists as objects of desire WOKE B Whether it is on the subway in public spaces, or existing in the public domain as a female artist, women often find themselves catching the gaze of men who view them as objects of desire. Woke B is about being how being independent both as a woman and as an artist means owning your independent individuality and finding strength in your own self confidence. Woke B is about being Woke to the idea that fashion is a state of mind.  It is a celebration of women embracing their individuality and strength through fashion. Woke B is Streetwear into the Future.  Being Woke is having fresh eyes that are open to new ideas. The video itself finds ways to push conventions, from the composition and framing, to the movement, to the jump cut style.  Woke B captures what it means to go "From a Broke B to a Woke B". Act 2 - Women wanting to be Solo SOLO The Inspiration for Solo stems from a love of Independent Filmmaking, specifically the works of Jean Luc Godard in the French New Wave, which was a rebellion against both the Hollywood Film industry and the traditional family unit values in pursuit of more artistic enlightenment. In this way, Solo is a metaphor for rebelling against the traditional record label relationship in favor of independence. We see Eva Shaw standing in for a traditional marriage of the late 1 950's early 1960's where she is cooking and preparing drinks for her husband. But we juxtapose this way of service for a husband with the dialogue of a record producer and his artist.  She realizes that she wishes she was "Solo".

Act 3 - Burying your past and embracing the uncertain future MIDNIGHT STRANGERS The song Midnight strangers is about lovers who barely know each other meeting up for a late night hook up. In The Film, Midnight Strangers shows Eva Alone in the desert driving to burying what once kept her down, and a flower grows from that dead body.  In this story,  "I only think of you at midnight, I only want you in the moonlight" means she only likes you after you are dead. 

Executive Producer