Motorhead "Killed By Death" (Rod Swenson, dir.)

plus Rolling Stone's Top 10 Banned Videos

Motörhead - Killed By Death (Official Music Video)

Still looking for more after our List Of NSFW Videos From Before The NSFW age? Rolling Stone has you covered with a Top 10 Banned Video list that spans decades from a fairly innocuous Kinks video to the topless Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" clip. My favorite is the 1984 Motorhead video "Killed By Death," directed by Plasmatics manager Rod Swenson.

Everything about "Killed By Death" is awfully amazing:

  • The intro which looks particularly leaden, even as a parody of a traditional TV sitcom. (Also leaden? The braless rack that surely helped the acrtress get this the gig as Motorhead man man Lemmy's girl.
  • An edit which seems to have been made just after Picture-In-Picture became easy to achieve, so it's used throughout the video for no real reason.
  • A very loose "rock is against the law" concept that leads to a firing squad and then an electric chair for Lemmy. And, no, not even that can kill our hero.

It's fantastic. Truly.