Partizan Signs HARRYS to Director Roster

So Many Details // Toro Y Moi

It is with great pleasure that we announce the signing of HARRYS to the global Partizan roster.

The pair - both called Harry, unsurprisingly - grew up in the same building in New York and have been making videos together since childhood... so they’ve had plenty of time to craft the rich, unique visual style that has caught many eyes of late.

In particular, their videos for Toro y Moi have been complimented for their stunning photography and captivating blend of warmth, precision, and a touch of the surreal.

Their work with Barney’s marks the beginning of a path into fashion videos, and they also have an eye on applying their stylistic sensibilities to a more commercial context.

We are excited to welcome HARRYS to Partizan, and we look forward to working with them soon and often!