Director Spike Jonze Returns... with a Perfume Ad

And Yes, It's Awesome

KENZO World - Le nouveau parfum

In the latest advertisement directed by a top-level pro, Spike Jonze teams up with the Japanese perfumer Kenzo to introduce the new Kenzo World fragrance to... the world. Bad pun; sorry. And also re-channel one of his most beloved videos ever with a female slant. Here, Margaret Qualley breaks loose from the stuffiness around her, thanks to kinetic choreography from Ryan Heffington (we're familiar with his work here) and an equally kinetic soundtrack by Sam Spiegel, Spike's brother, and Ape Drums. Good luck getting this song out of your head the next few weeks. Same with the ad.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Ryan Heffington, Choreographer
KK Barrett, Production Designer